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Labour’s pragmatism on Brexit sells out democracy

If this report is accurate, the leader of the Labour Party demonstrates pragmatism without principle. And I say that as a natural labour man, and sadly, because otherwise Starmer seems to be a good choice for the leadership of the Labour Party.

Brexit was a Tory con job with a mere 37% of registered voters in a referendum designed to elicit if there was a will of the people to leave the EU. There never was. So, you ask why have the Tories pursued this project?

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Never tolerate the malignancy of evil leadership

Never forgive the malignant evil that rests in the current Oval Office and Trump’s Administration of unctuous sycophancy, the evil of ignorance, of arrogance, of callousness, incompetence, science-denial, tin-eared to expert advice, driven by avarice and nepotism, ludicrousness and mendacity, the failure of sorrow, of empathy, of decency, of honour, of honesty, of responsibility, of democratic principle, and the authoritarian narcissism of the idiotic and malignant Court of Trump the Vile.
Refer to this MSNBC program.

James McDonald,
28 May 2020

I am in voluntary isolation….

COVID-19: Voluntary isolation, day 3 Reflections, Italy

Yes, as the heading suggests, I am continuing the level of isolation we have had for two and a half months despite the easing of restrictions. My Italian neighbours and I last weekend shared our anxiety about the easing of the rules for the coronavirus lockdown not the least because of the crowding we saw around the bars when the rules allowed purchase of takeaway food and drinks in the previous couple of weeks. My American friends are also still anxious. We had planned to meet last evening but almost all decided it was too soon yet.

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Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic requires reassessment and reform

The COVID-19 pandemic is a disease that we did not have in our communities before November-December last year. It is now embedded in those communities in almost every country. Because of its virulence and easy transmission, it remains for an indefinite period a public health hazard requiring changes to personal behaviours. We have been prepped for that by over two months of restrictions.

As responsible governments initiate gradual release and rebuild their economies, it is imperative that they ensure that people understand that we cannot resume the kinds of social interactions we had before the pandemic.

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Australians seemingly oblivious to ongoing COVID-19 dangers are only part of a larger political problem

COVID-19, Lockdown, the end of Phase 2, Reflections on Australia, 17 May 2020

The fact that Australia has dodged a bullet with a relatively low number of COVID-19 cases and deaths could be its undoing as it is clear that enough people don’t take the ongoing dangers of the pandemic seriously enough, nor the ongoing incompetence of governments that refused to plan for the inevitability of the pandemic and dithered on action because they place a low priority on the liberty and welfare of the people.

We are not going to go back to “normal”, especially since politically Dutton “The Fascist” and those who embrace authoritarian totalitarianism are trying to seize the opportunity to turn Australia into an authoritarian state.

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Are Italians ready to adjust to the “new normal” in the next phase of pandemic restrictions?

COVID-19, Lockdown, the end of Phase 2, Reflections, Italy, 16 May 2020

As the COVID-19 restrictions are eased slightly on Monday, Italy faces the same problem as elsewhere – the promise of a second wave while gradually opening up the economy. Restaurants and bars will open for internal service after a couple of weeks of serving take-away food and drinks. That internal service is to maintain the social distancing of the past three months.

However, in Italy – compared to other countries – the government only imposed a one metre separation, which scientists tell us is not enough, certainly indoors.

The new decree provides for masks and gloves to be worn indoors in commercial businesses and enclosed public spaces. We are used to that now after weeks of that requirement. It has been already imposed by shops, pharmacies and supermarkets that have regulated entry to maintain social distancing.

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Morrison’s neoliberalism impels Australia towards neofascism

When a neoliberal government sabotages every element of democracy it takes us down the road to neofascism and Australian Prime Minister Morrison heads such a subversive Regime. Neoliberalism and neofascism are joined at the hip: they both involve the subversion of the state, aided by corrupt neoliberal government, and its takeover by corporate interests that supplant core democratic principles such as the protection of the welfare of the people, the violation of human rights, the white-anting of civil liberties, the asset-stripping of government services and their handover to private corporations for profit (so-called privatisation). The underbelly of this state of affairs with its lies and ideological mythology is an authoritarian proclivity and a tendency toward totalitarianism with its centralisation of power and the mass surveillance of citizens. These conditions have been impelled by successive Liberal and National Party Regimes since John Howard’s deceitful and reprehensible government set Australia on this dreadful path of selling out the nation.

James McDonald
12 May 2020


Televangelists are media conmen where praying is preying, idiocy is spirituality, theology is business, and hypocrisy is morality.

James McDonald
10 May 2020

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