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The fool’s King in an Age of Pestilence

The man that claims himself a king,
But has the wit of a coxcomb,
Is but a fool less entertaining
Than an ass’s bray in a foggy field,
Declaring the sun has blessed him
With the alchemist’s mischief,
Rather from the inward breath
Of genius, he throws off his cloak,
And horrifies the world too wide,
With childish treble, stamps his foot
And mumbles his sound, a second
Childishness and the mere oblivion
Of shameless wailing, orange
As the crapping of an infant
Sans taste, sans sense, sans everything.
(Thank you for the inspiration Will Shakespeare)

James McDonald
17 April 2020

The Australian Government

Avarice is their driving force. Exploitation their means. Corruption their morality. Irresponsibility their cop-out. And Deceit their default communication to the public.

James McDonald
21 April 2020

Describing Australia’s PM

Morrison is a Liar, as committed to public services as a dead rat in a sewer. He speaks propaganda, thinks exploitation, justifies avarice with extremist religion. He is unfit for office.

James McDonald
21 April 2020

Murdoch propaganda

The long arms of Murdoch propagandists stretch around the globe lying with Goebbellian efficiency about the absolutely stupid for the absolutely lunatic….

James McDonald
28 April 2020

Neofascism without the uniforms

The Mussolini model of fascism was the fusion of government and corporate interests and it’s happening again. We call it neoliberalism, which all but amounts to neofascism without the uniforms.

James McDonald
30 April 2020

Money is power?

Vested interests have no innate right to have the ear of corrupt politicians who sell out the welfare of the people for the inequities of privilege. The notion that money is power is a subversive attack on democracy.

Abstract art is everywhere

Abstract art is as much about what you feel rather than merely what you see. But it is more than that. Abstract art imposes on you a personal interpretation of the work and, if it is a good painting, it will engage not only your eye but you will collaborate in the act of creation – of an idea, an emotion, a reflection. I have not been painting for long, but thoroughly enjoy different viewers reaching for diverse explanations for what often has little obvious link to the nature that might have inspired the work in the first place.

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