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Month: December 2019

I do miss my Australian style double-shot latte

Australia’s coffee culture was introduced by Italian migrants, but it then transcended its origins. Twice I’ve gone back to Australia since I came to Italy and nowhere have I ever got a better coffee – in my favourite cafes in Oz, especially in Noosa and Hobart – than a double shot latte, Australian style. The Dutch, for example, make wussy coffee and as for Starbucks – wash your mouth out!

Mind you, I occasionally do find a very good Italian cappuccino, of course, but usually it is made too quickly and unless you specify ‘caldo’, not hot enough, which is why it is so quick [for my Perugian friends, the caffe’ at Porta Pisa isn’t too bad!]. Nobody could equal an Italian double shot macchiato con caffe’ doppio e latte caldo as a different and superior coffee after the time-limited cappuccino [not to be drunk after 11-ish in the morning], but it’s not my preferred Oz coffee.

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Trump’s outing of the whistleblower throws Republicans’ moral credibility into sharp relief

From an international perspective Trump is not only unstable, a sociopath, a venal self-obsessed and emotionally and morally deficient individual, and probably not very bright. He is also lawless.

Non-Americans around the world who care about democracy find this deeply disturbing and threatening to world stability. Evidence given in the House of Representatives impeachment – something that Prime Ministers in other English speaking countries would not survive either as corruption tightens its hold on Western democracy – certainly indicates that Trump is an unworthy and unprincipled incumbent in the White House.

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Waking up to the British election results

What an appalling news to wake up to. As an overseas citizen I feel sold out, especially by the Labour Party which has shilly-shallied over Brexit for the sake of the Leave voting constituencies they lost anyway. I expected these Tory nationalists to sell us out in any case.

Well, Britain has just consigned itself to the dregs of a broken democracy. That is not to denigrate that part of democratic process – voting – which is an essential component, but to the more important parts of it: equity, social justice, an economy for all, efficient public services such as the NHS, an informed electorate, an honest media, honest and honourable representatives. In the latter respect, the Brexiteers fail the test and have dragged political discourse into the gutter, with Johnson barely outdone by the reprehensible Farage.

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Australian Government denial of relationship between bushfire crisis and climate crisis is part of a toxic pattern

The LNP’s policy on climate change – that it will do nothing, that it will not acknowledge the science, that it will trivialise the link between the unprecedented burning of Australia and climate change, that it will do an accountancy exercise on emissions rather than upset its corrupt alliance with the coal and gas mafias – is nothing but corrupt and evil.

It is an abrogation of the government’s duty to protect the nation from the real security issues, some of them inflicted on the people, not by some Islamic radicalism that its racist policies have spawned with its official policies of violating the human rights of children and refugees, but by the essential sociopathology of its philosophy across all its portfolios. For you cannot isolate the failure of successive governments on the climate crisis.

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There is a sleazy, international body of espionage against democracy – the “advisors” and campaign consults who care nothing for democracy, employ neo-fascist populist strategies to manipulate public opinion with data-mining techniques, and construct the iterative and blatant lies that Boris Johnson, Donald Trump in the USA, and Australia’s Scott Morrison and their administrations and Ministers live and breathe.

They are the agent-provocateurs of a brand of neo-liberalism, so extreme that it is authoritarian to the core, that serves the wealthy and corporate greed at the expense of democratic government, and bullies backbenchers who exhibit any recalcitrance about the disturbing antics of their leaders.

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Sydney chokes under the gloom of bushfire smoke from massive fires on its outskirts

An angry response to Regime failure

A comment on ” ‘Mega blaze’: Several fires join to cover an area bigger than greater Sydney”, The New Daily 6 December 2019

I’m not suggesting that anything could have been done to prevent these fires unprecedented since European settlement. But Australian people have voted the Governments that deny climate change and act against the national interest and the welfare of the nation.

The likes of a hostile government that is ruining the nation with vicious intent have been supported by Australians who endorse the facile, moral incompetence, and idiotic reasoning of MPs unsuitable for government, and who oppose every democratic principle.

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