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Lessons for us all from the United States

The disintegration of US democracy, that is being reflected in the governments in the United Kingdom and Australia, could be reversed by a landslide against Trump and the Republicans, but I’m not holding my breath. The Republicans have for a long time been breaking the US electoral system with gross gerrymandering, voter suppression, and risible hypocrisy. And their cult politics have their imitators in the the UK and Australia.

Trump, whom Republicans have enabled with intellectual dishonesty and moral incompetence, is the grotesque embodiment of their ideology, their perversion of democracy, their corrupt relationships with an avaricious oligarchy, their subversion of democratic principles, processes and institutions, and their betrayal of one of those core principles – serving the welfare of the people. That’s what modern Fascism looks like and the UK and Australia are on the cusp of that axis of evil.

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Trump’s Bible stunt proves only his callous and indifferent idiocy

Trump holding the bible in front of a church that he neither attends, nor subscribes to, demonstrates how far this conman will go to sell his snakeoil of hatred and fascism without a scintilla of irony given the homicidal damage this idiot has done the USA with his callous and risible incompetence, his identification with neo-nazis, his open admiration of dictators and tyrants, his ignorance of the Constitution, his demolition of democratic government from early on in his tenure with his Administration of unworthy Secretaries, his unbelievable lack of concentration and laziness, and his narcissistic indifference to the suffering and needs of the people he is supposed to lead.

He frequently surrounds himself with sycophantic fundamentalist evangelists. He cons no-one that he has a scintilla of love for the people, of a life of piety, of a philosophy driven by love supposedly promoted by Christianity. He is a vile hypocrite and this risible act is a monstrous offence that further demeans the integrity of United States around the world.

As a non-American, I take heart at the pushback by decent Americans against this authoritarian and morally incompetent monster who is destroying his country and doing untold damage to the Western World. Who can forgive Mitch McConnell and the laughable farce that was the Senate trial for their perverted decision on Trump’s guilt that led to his impeachment?

The Republican party demonstrated once again its subversion of every democratic principle. The final speech by the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, has proven absolutely prophetic:

“[Trump] has compromised our elections, and he will do so again. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.”

James McDonald
3 June 2020
[edited comment on YouTube, 2 June 2020]

Never tolerate the malignancy of evil leadership

Never forgive the malignant evil that rests in the current Oval Office and Trump’s Administration of unctuous sycophancy, the evil of ignorance, of arrogance, of callousness, incompetence, science-denial, tin-eared to expert advice, driven by avarice and nepotism, ludicrousness and mendacity, the failure of sorrow, of empathy, of decency, of honour, of honesty, of responsibility, of democratic principle, and the authoritarian narcissism of the idiotic and malignant Court of Trump the Vile.
Refer to this MSNBC program.

James McDonald,
28 May 2020

Is there hope for US democratic reform after this pandemic?

COVID-19 Reflections, Lockdown, Italy, Day 54

The problem for the United States is not just the haphazard idiocy of Trump authoritarianism and his spectacular puerile ignorance and overweening self-obsession. It is the squirrel grip of corporations and moguls from extremist corporations over government and both major Parties [this article from Business Insider has a picture of Joe Biden with two corporate donors that perfectly illustrates the problem]. These unelected and unrepresentative forces are are marked by obscene avarice, buy the loyalty of politicians , and sell out the welfare of the people, a primary democratic principle.

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