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What the Australian extremist neoliberal government looks like

The thing is that extremist neoliberals like Morrison, Dutton and the LNP Coalition, who have captured office in western countries by pretending conservatism, don’t do leadership – they do domination. They don’t do democracy – they serve plutocracy. They don’t do service – they privatise public assets. They don’t do equity – they serve corporate avarice. They don’t do sustainability – they service polluters. They don’t do amelioration of the climate crisis – they have no food security strategies, no planning, deregulate the polluters, and do deals with coalminers. They don’t do equality before the law – they get rid of the core principle of habeas corpus and ensure the costs of the law are beyond average citizens. They don’t do the principle of serving the welfare of the people – they ignore the experts and scientists and fail to protect the nation from conflagration and pandemics. They don’t do worker and family financial security – they enable exploitation, job insecurity, and low wages. They don’t ensure universal quality education – they expend education funds primarily on the schools of the wealthy. They don’t do support and facilitation of Aboriginal dignity – they turn to apartheid ideology, victim blaming and racism. They don’t do inclusion – they do marginalisation. They don’t do human rights – they violate them. They don’t do civil liberties – they do mass surveillance and pass oppressive laws. They don’t distinguish the defence of the nation and serving security – they do militarisation of police, of customs, and stand before the nation flanked by army officers who are selling out the independence of defence from domestic politics. They don’t do patriotism – they do nationalism, xenophobia, and misuse the flag. They don’t do decency, honour, honesty and prudence – they do arrogance, choose fascism, lie and deceive daily, and are driven by propaganda, lack of substance, and all manner of shifty trickery with one sole objective – to maintain themselves in power.

Trump’s Bible stunt proves only his callous and indifferent idiocy

Trump holding the bible in front of a church that he neither attends, nor subscribes to, demonstrates how far this conman will go to sell his snakeoil of hatred and fascism without a scintilla of irony given the homicidal damage this idiot has done the USA with his callous and risible incompetence, his identification with neo-nazis, his open admiration of dictators and tyrants, his ignorance of the Constitution, his demolition of democratic government from early on in his tenure with his Administration of unworthy Secretaries, his unbelievable lack of concentration and laziness, and his narcissistic indifference to the suffering and needs of the people he is supposed to lead.

He frequently surrounds himself with sycophantic fundamentalist evangelists. He cons no-one that he has a scintilla of love for the people, of a life of piety, of a philosophy driven by love supposedly promoted by Christianity. He is a vile hypocrite and this risible act is a monstrous offence that further demeans the integrity of United States around the world.

As a non-American, I take heart at the pushback by decent Americans against this authoritarian and morally incompetent monster who is destroying his country and doing untold damage to the Western World. Who can forgive Mitch McConnell and the laughable farce that was the Senate trial for their perverted decision on Trump’s guilt that led to his impeachment?

The Republican party demonstrated once again its subversion of every democratic principle. The final speech by the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, has proven absolutely prophetic:

“[Trump] has compromised our elections, and he will do so again. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.”

James McDonald
3 June 2020
[edited comment on YouTube, 2 June 2020]

Never tolerate the malignancy of evil leadership

Never forgive the malignant evil that rests in the current Oval Office and Trump’s Administration of unctuous sycophancy, the evil of ignorance, of arrogance, of callousness, incompetence, science-denial, tin-eared to expert advice, driven by avarice and nepotism, ludicrousness and mendacity, the failure of sorrow, of empathy, of decency, of honour, of honesty, of responsibility, of democratic principle, and the authoritarian narcissism of the idiotic and malignant Court of Trump the Vile.
Refer to this MSNBC program.

James McDonald,
28 May 2020

Morrison’s neoliberalism impels Australia towards neofascism

When a neoliberal government sabotages every element of democracy it takes us down the road to neofascism and Australian Prime Minister Morrison heads such a subversive Regime. Neoliberalism and neofascism are joined at the hip: they both involve the subversion of the state, aided by corrupt neoliberal government, and its takeover by corporate interests that supplant core democratic principles such as the protection of the welfare of the people, the violation of human rights, the white-anting of civil liberties, the asset-stripping of government services and their handover to private corporations for profit (so-called privatisation). The underbelly of this state of affairs with its lies and ideological mythology is an authoritarian proclivity and a tendency toward totalitarianism with its centralisation of power and the mass surveillance of citizens. These conditions have been impelled by successive Liberal and National Party Regimes since John Howard’s deceitful and reprehensible government set Australia on this dreadful path of selling out the nation.

James McDonald
12 May 2020


Televangelists are media conmen where praying is preying, idiocy is spirituality, theology is business, and hypocrisy is morality.

James McDonald
10 May 2020

Opinion or belief does not “balance” science

Uninformed opinion doesn’t matter: science does. Neither opinion nor beliefs balance science – science is a process of empirical observation, testing of theories, the replication of results, and the expansion of knowledge. There are theories based on research, investigation and observation across a large range of scientific disciplines. Neither belief nor opinion is a theory: they produce pseudoscience. Thus, conspiracy theories aren’t theories at all – they are beliefs, conspiracy beliefs.

James McDonald,
8 May 2020,

Looser restrictions don’t signal the end of the COVID-19 pandemic

The loosening of restrictions and stay-at-home strategies might be seen by many as an end to the crisis. That is not how pandemics work. The ignorance, stupidity and calculated callousness of national governments in the UK and the US have cost of tens of thousands of lives as a direct result of duplicitous and science-denialist inaction by so-called leaders who refused to act on the advice of scientists and medical experts and fatally held off the inevitable shutdowns to slow the spread down. Setting aside the amorality of these failures, there have been many hopes expressed by these charlatans for the easing of the virus over the northern summer. The fact is that the SARS-Cov-2 is a new virus. Scientists conducting tests on its survivability and infection do not yet have the answers. The following article – written in clear lay persons’ language – explains: “How Might the Change of Seasons Affect Covid-19?

James McDonald,
5 May 2020,

Johnson’s and the Tories’ pandemic response fails Britain

The first and central problem with comparing the UK government’s performance on the pandemic is the fact that Johnson was the idiot who – following Trump – called it a flu and then not only shook the hands of COVID-19 patients but actually boasted about it. In doing so, he once again displayed the same puerile fecklessness that has always marked this fool’s public life. He has been as reckless with public health as his Brexiteer attack on the social political and economic welfare of Britain. His and the Tory Party’s actions throughout have deceitfully, recklessly and irresponsibly sabotaged the welfare of the British people. His jolly foolishness, and his Party’s subversion of democracy reveal an absolute unfitness to govern.

James McDonald,
May Day,
1 May 2020

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