The thing is that extremist neoliberals like Morrison, Dutton and the LNP Coalition, who have captured office in western countries by pretending conservatism, don’t do leadership – they do domination. They don’t do democracy – they serve plutocracy. They don’t do service – they privatise public assets. They don’t do equity – they serve corporate avarice. They don’t do sustainability – they service polluters. They don’t do amelioration of the climate crisis – they have no food security strategies, no planning, deregulate the polluters, and do deals with coalminers. They don’t do equality before the law – they get rid of the core principle of habeas corpus and ensure the costs of the law are beyond average citizens. They don’t do the principle of serving the welfare of the people – they ignore the experts and scientists and fail to protect the nation from conflagration and pandemics. They don’t do worker and family financial security – they enable exploitation, job insecurity, and low wages. They don’t ensure universal quality education – they expend education funds primarily on the schools of the wealthy. They don’t do support and facilitation of Aboriginal dignity – they turn to apartheid ideology, victim blaming and racism. They don’t do inclusion – they do marginalisation. They don’t do human rights – they violate them. They don’t do civil liberties – they do mass surveillance and pass oppressive laws. They don’t distinguish the defence of the nation and serving security – they do militarisation of police, of customs, and stand before the nation flanked by army officers who are selling out the independence of defence from domestic politics. They don’t do patriotism – they do nationalism, xenophobia, and misuse the flag. They don’t do decency, honour, honesty and prudence – they do arrogance, choose fascism, lie and deceive daily, and are driven by propaganda, lack of substance, and all manner of shifty trickery with one sole objective – to maintain themselves in power.