“Outsourcing”, or “privatisation”, has never made sense financially, administratively, efficiently, or democratically. It is never more than a betrayal of the concept of service to the public. It is driven by the lie and the delusion that business can do government jobs better than the public sector; the lie and the delusion that job security undermines efficiency.

Inefficient workers certainly undermine the principles of public service and there are legitimate means to protect the public from lazy and inefficient workers as well as honouring workers’ rights. But neoliberalism – the ideology behind these lies – has a core anti-democratic agenda: the diminution of democratic government and service to the Australian people. It is the driving force for the embezzlement of public funds to fill profiteers’ pockets and they look not to improving public service but destroying it.

And it always costs those who can least afford what is left of service. At its worst, privatisation and outsourcing manifest the subjugation of public health to corporate profiteering. It is the shame that is the extremist Republicans in the United States who make the risible and self-serving claim that public health denies people their “right to choose”. Privatisation of public utilities always costs the public consumer’s household budget. Every single time.

Well, that is the perverted illogicality of those who subvert democracy, none so badly as the current Joker of a US President and the nihilism of extremist capitalism that serves one clear principle throughout the western world, that of Avarice, Avarice is the gross private sector principle that has ruined any possibility of a capitalism that serves the people in a democracy rather than accumulating most of the national wealth at the expense of the welfare of the people, the national interest, and the true liberty of the people.

We must sheet home the malignancy of this cancer in our democracy to the Parliaments where crooked politicians, elected by the people, paid by the people, to do a job in securing the welfare of the people, instead serve the vested interests of unelected capital through economic inequity, legal inequality, social injustice, environmental degradation, gratuities to polluters, facilitation of the profiteers, the protection of the wage thieves, and the delusions peddled by conmen.

They are the Minister who brings a lump of coal into the Australian Parliament and make a joke of the moral challenges of dealing with the climate crisis. It is the government that glad-hands a committee of self appointed polluters to manage the devastation of the Great Barrier Reef instead of funding the Barrier Reef Authority. They are the Prime Minister who heads off on a private holiday in a foreign country while the country faces a conflagration of unprecedented ferocity and scale, having ignored the pleas and warnings of fire authorities and scientists.

They are the Political Parties who in government violate the human rights of children and refugees, who subvert the civil liberties of all, who use public servants to spy on a poor nation to extract greater corporate profits from oil reserves in East Timor’s territory, who asset-strip government services and then sell what’s left to the corporations that provide the greatest financial campaign support, who pour billions into corporations to violate and make miserable the lives of genuine refugees, who come up with Robotdebt to screw welfare recipients. They are the governments who dress up in the skirts of democracy, while shooting up the town, who poison the water, who do deals with the criminals, who seize the land from poor farmers, and who rifle the cashbox.

They are the enemy within.