Reported around the world the UK’s callous and cavalier treatment of “aliens” is in full focus with the case of Anna Amato who has lived 53 and a half years after arriving with her Italian parents as an 18 month old child in the UK, but denied British citizenship by a callous and racially cavalier Brexiteer Government.

And PM Johnson was born in the USA. He only gave up his US citizenship when the IRS chased him for tax. Britain, get your act together – this is nothing but unworthy bureaucratic oppression:

  • Human rights matter.
  • Civil liberties matter.
  • Justice matters.
  • Fairness matters.
  • Common sense matters.
  • Democracy matters.
  • The welfare of all the people matters.
  • Equity matters.
  • Equality before the law matters.
  • The equality of races matters.
  • Workers’ rights matter.
  • Family financial stability matters.
  • Government services matter.
  • Forcing corporations to play their part matters.
  • Keeping the nation united matters.
  • Our politicians’ honour and honesty matter.
  • The economic and strategic security of the nation matter.

But none of these matter to the authoritarian Tory Brexiteer extremists led by the Cummings-Johnson duopoly and their Brexiteer Cabinet. And Anna Amato’s case bears out the callousness of Britain’s Tory Brexiteer Regime.

They have divided the nation, put Britain in peril with their COVID-19 failures, just as they have put Britain in economic and social peril with their subversive Brexit. They have demeaned the nation with racist policies like the “hostile environment” and with their loathsome, xenophobic campaign joined with Nigel Farage [enough said] for breaking its links to the European Union. They have proven time and again that they don’t care about the welfare of the people with their decade of austerity.
And they don’t give a toss about democracy, for every one of their transgressions that are aligned with neofascism is a rejection of democratic principles rather than the lofty ideals of British democracy.

The truth of Brexit is that it was never the decision of the British people. A referendum – which can be a democratic process to establish the will of the people on a proposition – never had more than 37% of the support of the registered British voter. It was a Tory Party project and they lied about the people’s will. And they lie to the nation about everything. And they will continue to abuse human rights and justice with every rotten Brexit principle.

James McDonald
4 June 2020