If this report is accurate, the leader of the Labour Party demonstrates pragmatism without principle. And I say that as a natural labour man, and sadly, because otherwise Starmer seems to be a good choice for the leadership of the Labour Party.

Brexit was a Tory con job with a mere 37% of registered voters in a referendum designed to elicit if there was a will of the people to leave the EU. There never was. So, you ask why have the Tories pursued this project?

The answer is that it has nothing to do with democracy. Brexit is an extremist neoliberal project to re-engineer the UK along neofascist US Republican lines. Its features are a malignant and anti-democratic case of chaos capitalism with these features: deregulation and even less job security; diminution of civil services; embezzling the British taxpayer with tax cuts for the rich and gratuities to corporations supported by the false propaganda of trickle-down economics; dumping a new level of austerity hitting British families and households for the costs of Brexit and the botched COVID preparations that led to augmentation of the death and illness toll; and further embedding the notion of exceptionalism for the “privileged” as illustrated by the Tory defence of Cummings’ breaches of orders for all citizens in general and those infected in particular.

This shyster [and I use that word advisedly for Cummings’ role in the illegalities, propaganda, and breaches of data laws in the Leave campaign, and his contempt of Parliament], is a turgid ideologue for screwing the British economy, stripping down the civil service, running the country by outsourcing government to foreign corporations, and entering a “free” trade arrangement with the USA, which will only sign an agreement that is of greatest benefit to US agriculture and business.

US trade agreements also include clauses allowing foreign corporations to sue government over regulations that limit profiteering. These are provisions that attack the very sovereignty that the liars of the Leave campaign said they were regaining with Brexit – not that it had been lost except modified in the normal arrangements of treaties between allies. This genius assists the Tory neoliberal extremists in turning the nation’s back on the level playing field of EU free trade already in place. Good luck with that one, you morons!

So, when Keir Starmer announces he will do nothing to reverse the toxic effects of Brexit, I consider it a sellout of British workers, their families, the civil services, the welfare of the people, the national interest, and democratic government as the Tories attempt to neuter Parliament scrutiny in every way from Johnson’s piffle in the Commons to misuse of their majority to stifle debate.

The political ethics that are embedded in democratic principles have been thrown out by the Cummings-Johnson duopoly, the Tory Brexiteer Cabinet of incompetent Ministers, and the snivelling sycophancy of the Brexiteer backbenchers. Starmer in this misguided misstep, enables the ongoing snake-oil antics of a harmful regime that lacks any democratic principles and shows every sign of their authoritarian intent to subjugate the British spirit to the vileness of xenophobia, the hubris of pseudo-imperialist nostalgia, decreased civil liberties, and the establishment of a new feudalism of misery in a labour market infused with exploitation. All of these are anathema to the labour movement, which Starmer has been tasked with leading.

James McDonald
28 May 2020