The loosening of restrictions and stay-at-home strategies might be seen by many as an end to the crisis. That is not how pandemics work. The ignorance, stupidity and calculated callousness of national governments in the UK and the US have cost of tens of thousands of lives as a direct result of duplicitous and science-denialist inaction by so-called leaders who refused to act on the advice of scientists and medical experts and fatally held off the inevitable shutdowns to slow the spread down. Setting aside the amorality of these failures, there have been many hopes expressed by these charlatans for the easing of the virus over the northern summer. The fact is that the SARS-Cov-2 is a new virus. Scientists conducting tests on its survivability and infection do not yet have the answers. The following article – written in clear lay persons’ language – explains: “How Might the Change of Seasons Affect Covid-19?

James McDonald,
5 May 2020,