As an Australian living overseas, I weep quietly in sorrow at the destruction to forests, communities, the animals, the loss of life. I read of places burned that I know well from Southeast Queensland, around Sydney, to Mallacoota and Gippsland in Victoria where I was born. For me this picture, which has been repeated in California, the Iberian Peninsula, and wantonly in the Amazon by crooks and corrupt government, is a devastating effect of Governments that are too deliberatively incompetent for us to allow them to continue to destroy our world.

I am not only overwhelmed by sadness: I am angry. We are seeing in my view the trigger switch for disasters to come and the world’s governments prevaricate and negotiate what are emerging as meaningless and impotent emissions targets. And then there is the maliciously corrupt and destructive antics of the Fool in the White House and the morally corrupt Republicans behind him, funded by corrupt corporations and a fossil-fuel mafia, that ushers in the new fascism of extreme capitalism in demolishing any government agencies designed to protect the continent.

In Australia, the same subversive forces are at work under a morally corrupt Regime that actively denies the climate crisis, and attempts to normalise the enormity of this disaster. It has no food security plan, for that would be to acknowledge we are in trouble, while allowing large-scale sell-off of our best land to foreign corporations that are proxies for the authoritarian regimes in China and the Middle East.

Australia is now a climate change pariah among the rogue governments that refuse to act because they are bought out by the polluters. That the NSW Government cut funding for fire services in the face of the scientific advice, the alarm of fire authorities, and the evidence before their very eyes of the series of rising average temperatures is gobsmackingly idiotic, corruptly irresponsible, and malevolently incompetent.

As for food security, the Federal Government’s record on the Murray Darling Basin is one of pushing back against scientific advice, permitting the cotton industry, which they allowed to be sold off to foreign interests, to appropriate huge allocations of water squeezing out the food producers and community water needs, idly allowing the devastation of natural wetlands and the the Menindee Lakes system leading to the death of millions of fish, and presiding over corruption.

To expect these flunkeys of the coal industry to be prompted into serious evaluation of the effects of extended summers and burnt landscapes to plan for the eventualities of ongoing climate crisis is foolish. Expect from them only that they will continue to exacerbate the damage done to agriculture by longer hotter summers and fire.

I’m not suggesting that anything could have been done to prevent these fires unprecedented since European settlement. But Australian people have voted in Governments that deny climate change and act against the national interest and the welfare of the nation.

These neoliberal regimes have failed to do what they are paid by the taxpayer to do – prepare the nation and the environment for the crises of which the scientists forewarned us, initiate sustainable practices and programs to ameliorate the effects of climate change, and to protect communities from the overwhelming natural effects of three centuries of obliviousness to the damage we have collectively done to the planet’s atmosphere and the land.

The time is arriving where the people must throw out these incompetent and corrupt fools by whatever means possible. They are destroying Earth and all upon it.

James McDonald
1 January 2020