Australia’s coffee culture was introduced by Italian migrants, but it then transcended its origins. Twice I’ve gone back to Australia since I came to Italy and nowhere have I ever got a better coffee – in my favourite cafes in Oz, especially in Noosa and Hobart – than a double shot latte, Australian style. The Dutch, for example, make wussy coffee and as for Starbucks – wash your mouth out!

Mind you, I occasionally do find a very good Italian cappuccino, of course, but usually it is made too quickly and unless you specify ‘caldo’, not hot enough, which is why it is so quick [for my Perugian friends, the caffe’ at Porta Pisa isn’t too bad!]. Nobody could equal an Italian double shot macchiato con caffe’ doppio e latte caldo as a different and superior coffee after the time-limited cappuccino [not to be drunk after 11-ish in the morning], but it’s not my preferred Oz coffee.

Occasionally I’ll have the tiny espresso without sugar or milk – the “caffe’ normale, which is the staple for Italians needing to keep their caffeine levels up at any time of day, drunk quickly and standing up at the bar.

Nonetheless you sometimes get served up something horrible: I’ll never go back to the caffe’ near the Perugia station that gave me a glass full of milk with a stain [macchia] of milk after I asked for my caffe’ macchiato con caffee’ doppio e con latte caldo!

Written in response to this item on the ABC News website

James McDonald
[originally posted on Facebook,
28 December 2029]