From an international perspective Trump is not only unstable, a sociopath, a venal self-obsessed and emotionally and morally deficient individual, and probably not very bright. He is also lawless.

Non-Americans around the world who care about democracy find this deeply disturbing and threatening to world stability. Evidence given in the House of Representatives impeachment – something that Prime Ministers in other English speaking countries would not survive either as corruption tightens its hold on Western democracy – certainly indicates that Trump is an unworthy and unprincipled incumbent in the White House.

But the impeachment proceedings also revealed to the world a Republican Party whose leaders and representatives almost to every man and woman deny truth, place propaganda above evidence, posture over the seeking of justice, place their political fortunes over the national interest and the law, and display an incapacity for fulfilling the obligations of their oath of office.

The moral inadequacy of their attempt to weave an alternative universe into public discourse has been confirmed once again as the Senate trial approaches in the New Year, if GOP leaders do not condemn Trump’s latest action in outing the whistleblower. Such failure will once again reveal them as an unprincipled rabble. It reveals a man whose contempt for the law has not improved since he won the gerrymandered election, also marred by Russian cyber-espionage.

Should other men and women in the Republican Party, whose actions over a long period display have debased democracy in the USA, disregard prudence, honesty, legal principle, and morality in the Senate trial by blocking the testament of witnesses they will have colluded corruptly in the demise of decency, law, honesty, and justice.

Republicans cannot block the trial of Trump whose latest actions demonstrate the mafia boss impunity Trump seems to think he has [he has actually been accused of having mob links in some of his narcissistic Trump Tower projects] without inflicting an all but fatal blow against every decent principle written into the US Constitution.

James McDonaldw
[originally posted on Facebook,
28 December 2019]