What an appalling news to wake up to. As an overseas citizen I feel sold out, especially by the Labour Party which has shilly-shallied over Brexit for the sake of the Leave voting constituencies they lost anyway. I expected these Tory nationalists to sell us out in any case.

Well, Britain has just consigned itself to the dregs of a broken democracy. That is not to denigrate that part of democratic process – voting – which is an essential component, but to the more important parts of it: equity, social justice, an economy for all, efficient public services such as the NHS, an informed electorate, an honest media, honest and honourable representatives. In the latter respect, the Brexiteers fail the test and have dragged political discourse into the gutter, with Johnson barely outdone by the reprehensible Farage.

An election was always going to muddy the waters on the Brexit question, for while the Tories have increased their majority at Labour’s expense, the polls support strongly a second referendum, and remain is slightly ahead of leaving. But the re-election of the Tories to government under this most unworthy of men, whose incompetence as Foreign Minister was appalling, leaves no hope for Britain but instead the assurance of a period of crisis, the costs of which will be dumped on British households.
Good luck with that!

James McDonald
13 December 2019
[Originally posted on the Brexit Insider Facebook Group]