An angry response to Regime failure

A comment on ” ‘Mega blaze’: Several fires join to cover an area bigger than greater Sydney”, The New Daily 6 December 2019

I’m not suggesting that anything could have been done to prevent these fires unprecedented since European settlement. But Australian people have voted the Governments that deny climate change and act against the national interest and the welfare of the nation.

The likes of a hostile government that is ruining the nation with vicious intent have been supported by Australians who endorse the facile, moral incompetence, and idiotic reasoning of MPs unsuitable for government, and who oppose every democratic principle.

Thoughtless voters have supported the absolute corruption offered by the various LNP governments – their inaction on climate crisis, their denial of what is fucking obvious to a microbe in a sewerage farm – their corrupt collusion with the coal mafia and other polluters, and their sabotage of any effort to ameliorate the effects of climate change. Let alone the failure of voters to put an end to the LNP’s espionage against the national wealth as it launders public funds into corporate treasuries. usually foreign, non-tax-paying obscenities, and the estates of the obscenely rich.

The malevolent fuckery of their NSW counterparts in cutting fire services funding in the face of a never-ending trend of record average temperatures is gob-smackingly irresponsible and morally culpable. It should be also a matter of criminality.

These corrupt flunkeys wantonly have ensured the nation is not fitted to deal with what confronts Australia and the globe from 300 years of unconscionable capitalism, such as these massive fires. Instead these mindless fuckers promote the religiously puerile, backwoods ignorance that denies science while the corrupt assholes pocket contributions from the coal mafia.

They produce no strategies to feed the nation in the face of the crisis that is overrunning the country and protect the environment but collude in sabotaging the Murray-Darling plan, for example. These amoral fuckers would be marched to the guillotine in former ages

If the people to not rise up and recapture their democracy they will live a life of suppression by the neo-fascists – absolutely evil representatives who fiddle and offer the empty inaction of thoughts and prayers in a squalid imitation of piety while they turn the nation into a new, corporate feudal system in a devastated environment. #NoInnocentBystanders

James McDonald
[original post on Facebook, 6 December 2019,
slightly edited]