The LNP’s policy on climate change – that it will do nothing, that it will not acknowledge the science, that it will trivialise the link between the unprecedented burning of Australia and climate change, that it will do an accountancy exercise on emissions rather than upset its corrupt alliance with the coal and gas mafias – is nothing but corrupt and evil.

It is an abrogation of the government’s duty to protect the nation from the real security issues, some of them inflicted on the people, not by some Islamic radicalism that its racist policies have spawned with its official policies of violating the human rights of children and refugees, but by the essential sociopathology of its philosophy across all its portfolios. For you cannot isolate the failure of successive governments on the climate crisis.

It’s the failure to accept the science, to acknowledge the climate crisis, to recognise that its neo-liberal, “small government“, deregulation thrust of an ideology that has seen funds to fire services cut by NSW and firefighters waiting interminably at the fire front for equipment and safety items. The LNP has failed duty of care in its concentration camps on remote islands. And it fails its duty of care to communities, farmers, businesses, the city dwellers whose conditions rival Beijing’s toxic smog, and the firefighters struggling to protect the nation against the extremity of the bushfires devastating the country.

This regime’s moral incompetence on climate change, fed by delusional ideology in water management, fire and drought management, fracking, coal mining, energy policy, sustainability, its failure to develop food security strategies, its blind eye to the buyout of Australia’s best farming land, the corruption of the Murray-Darling Plan, and refusing to develop an economy to serve the country into the next century puts the whole nation at risk with potential effects flowing into the distant future.

Meanwhile, the Regime’s principals – Morrison and Dutton – are taking the nation along a path to authoritarianism from their largely unchallenged violations of the human rights of children and refugees to the diminution of civil liberties. The government’s deliberate choice to feed the greed of the polluters who contribute financially to the main Parties lies at the heart of what can only be described as a corrupt position on climate change, serves a model of the future that is as destructive as these fires so dramatically demonstrate, one that resembles Mussolini’s model rather than the democratic idealism that would have it serve the interests not only of the nation but of the welfare of all of its citizens.

That Morrison can – as Sydneysiders choke in the smoke and services are affected – still behave crassly and idiotically defiant on his discredited climate change denialism that serves only his and his hopeless but malevolent Party’s collusion with coal, serves to remind us that this government doesn’t even try to serve on any measure. Its behaviour is part of a toxic pattern. The response to the bushfire crisis reveals as starkly as the damage done by these unprecedented events, but forecast by the scientists, and ignored by the politicians, just what consequences exist in the absence of engagement by Australians in their own affairs when government is not brought to account.

James McDonald
11 December 2019
[edited version on comment on “Scott Morrison and the Coalition are fiddling as Australia burns” The Guardian, 11 December 2019 ]